• Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Personal Letters: Any official “private document” to be authenticated IN PERSON by the Consulate must be an original document or certified copy with original seal and signature in person. Make sure the signature is legible.  If it is not, please write out the full name of signatory.  Include a copy of your Identification (or bring an ID if applying in person).
  • Commercial Invoices: can be authenticated
  • Commercial Documents: In the case of attestation of commercial papers, the following documents are required to be submitted:
    1. Original documents duly attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce under the name and designation seal of the Attesting Officer( CPV Division) and the seal of the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of External Affairs;
  1. One clear photocopy of all the documents;
  2. One Covering Letter addressed to the Embassy.
  • University Diplomas and Marriage Certificates: the signature must be endorsed by an officer (CPV Division) the Ministry of External Affairs.



Through Law 6 of June 25, 1990, Panama ratified the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 that abolishes the requirement for the legalization of foreign public documents. This is known as the 1961 Apostille Convention. As a result, a foreign public document authenticated by Apostille does not require the final legalization of a Panamanian Consular official. In the case of a foreign public document endorsed by Apostille and that has been authenticated by a Panamanian Consul, will not be legalized by the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, either get the public documents Apostilled or authenticated by a Panamanian Consul. The legalization process can be avoided by obtaining an Apostille seal.


Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Personal Letters: The Authentication fee for private documents is $48.00 + $ 2.00 per extra page (one side) and $ 4.00 for both sides of the page (front and back) payable by Bank transfer to the Embassy of Panama in New Delhi or Consulate of Panama in Mumbai.

Commercial Invoices and Notarized documents: fee $30.00 per signature + $ 2.00 per extra page (one side) and $ 4.00 for both sides of the page (front and back) payable by Bank transfer to the Consulate of Panama in Mumbai or Embassy in Delhi.

Please book an appointment in advance email: (Mumbai) and (New Delhi)